1. Movado Interiors generally allows up to three drawings free of charge per client, otherwise a minimum of $200 project deposit will be required for another 3 drawing revisions. 

  2. Of the three complimentary drawings/revisions, Movado Interiors reserves the right to increase or decrease the amount of drawing revisions for a client.

  3. On-site consulting/visits are free-of-charge and are available upon request and appointment. Depending on the project size and its location, Movado Interiors may request a project deposit prior to scheduling an appointment.

  4. All deposits are non-refundable.

  5. All deposits from drawings and/or on-site consulting/visits will be put towards the project, deducting the total deposits paid from the final project bill.


  1. For orders/service requests that total less than $5,000, Movado requires immediate payment. Until the payment has been made, your order will be in “pending” status. Once payment has been made, the order will be processed as soon as possible and may take anywhere from 1-3 business days to fully process. Lead times are dependent on the specific order. 

  2. For orders/service requests that are more than $5,000, Movado will require a 50% deposit for the order to be processed and shipped. The remaining balance will be charged prior to the delivery of the order.

  3. Payment methods accepted: credit cards, EFT, wire transfers, cheques, and e-transfers.


  1. Returns must be fully approved by Movado Interiors.

  2. Any custom-made products and/or made-to-order products are final sale. In the case that the product has not yet been manufactured or has yet to begin manufacturing process, the order may be cancelled under the approval of the vendor, supplier, and/or manufacturer. Please note that the vendor may charge certain processing fees and is to be paid by the client once quoted.

  3. Any pre-owned or used products that have been sold by Movado Interiors are to be sold in “AS-IS” condition and are final sale.

  4. Returns must be received in “like-new condition” and in the original factory packaging. Additional charges will apply if an item is received that is not in “like-new” condition or that is not in original factory packaging.

  5. Products that are approved for returns/refunds are subject to a 30% restocking fee, unless approved by Movado Interiors.

  6. Damaged items that are beyond the expected wear tear will incur an additional 20% fee to cover for Movado Interior’s repairs and/or parts replacement. Extreme damage or complete destruction will void any possible refunds.

  7. After a return has been fully inspected by Movado Interiors staff and/or the supplier, a refund will be issued less the shipping charges and any other restocking or damage fees. Please allow up to 5-7 business days for your credit card provider to process refund after approval.


Depending on the manufacturer or supplier’s policies, Movado Interiors may or may not be able to accommodate changes and or cancellations. Once an order has been placed, we will do our best to accommodate any changes requested within 24 hours. Order changes/cancellations includes specifications changes, address changes, quantity changes, or even order cancellation. Please refer to Movado Interior’s return policy statement #2 for any possible costs involved and further details. When cancelling or making changes, Movado Interiors urge clients to contact us as soon as possible.


Movado Interiors tries its best to ship all orders quickly, however delays may arise due to natural or human disruptions such as weather, earthquakes, landslides, strikes, lockout, work stoppage, system outages, holidays, an act of god, or other occurrences. No liability shall result against the seller that are beyond the seller’s control.

Before signing any packages or delivery slips and documents when your order is delivered to the address, it is important to inspect all boxes. Please keep a copy of any receipts, documents, and/or paperwork provided that are related to the shipment/delivery. Please note that photos of the damaged packages and/or goods will be required to submit a claim. All shipping mishaps, damages, and claims will be addressed in conformity of the shipper and supplier. Any shipping damages must be reported to Movado Interiors within 48 hours of delivery.

The ownership of the goods and materials shall not pass to the purchaser until Movado Interiors receives the payment in full for any goods and services provided.


  1. Quotations are based on regular business hours of 8AM to 5PM, elevators must be scheduled and reserved by client, site to be clean, free of debris, free of personal belongings, safety hazards, and ready for project unless noted otherwise.

  2. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure elevator services are present without any charges to Movado Interiors.

  3. Quotations do not include removal of any power or data cabling of existing electronics unless noted otherwise.

  4. Quotations do not include electrician services to connect or disconnect power. Please note that some panel systems, benching systems, and other furniture require hardwiring by a licensed electrician. It is important to notify Movado Interiors if your existing systems (if any) include hardwired electrical systems. Movado Interiors to notify clients if any electrical parts sold to the buyer will require hardwiring by a licensed electrician.

  5. Requesting for after-hours (after 5PM) and weekend installations will incur a surcharge of 40% minimum of the quoted delivery/installation/service fee and is to be approved together by Movado Interiors before proceeding.

  6. It is the client’s responsibility to inform Movado Interiors for any stair-carry services that are required for the delivery/installation team.

  7. A surcharge will apply if there is a stair carry, additional required services, or exceeding the estimated work time required.

  8. Drilling and mounting onto concrete walls are not included in the quotation unless otherwise specified. Surcharges will apply mounting and/or drilling onto concrete is required.

  9. Any return trips requested due to factors that are beyond Movado Interior’s control are chargeable.

  10. Once the goods have been delivered to the client, the security and safety of the goods is the responsibility of the client

  11. Prior to approving any design, item quotation, or orders, it is the client’s responsibility to do final measuring of the existing space and ensure fit of the design and items provided by Movado Interiors. It is the client’s responsibility to consider any current or future alterations of the interior dimensions such as changes in ceiling height, new wall partitions, and other architectural factors.

  12. In the event that the client is to postpone (or hinder/decrease the speed the installation)  the project for causes that are not within the Movado Interior’s control such as construction and other possible factors, Movado Interiors will store the goods at the client’s expense until installation can be resumed. The client will be billed for any additional handling and storage fees. The client is to be charged additional labour fees when on-site conditions impair the normal installation process (e.g. a flooring installer delaying or hindering Movado Interior’s furniture installation).


Movado Interiors is partnered with multiple manufacturers and suppliers with different warranty coverages. Feel free to contact us for warranty details on the products you have purchased through Movado Interiors. Should any manufacturer defects and other problems arise with your product, please email us at info@movadointeriors.com with photos, videos, and a description of your problem as soon as possible. Please note that most manufacturers do not cover accidental damage, product misuse, and regular wear and tear.