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Do you like working from home compared to working onsite? Or maybe it’s the opposite? Whichever the case, you will surely learn something from this setup like we do.

Here in this blog, we’ll share the lessons we have learned working from home. Read them below!

1. WFH Increases Productivity

Employers thought that working from home would drastically decrease productivity levels. However, according to a survey by TalkTalk, more than 50% of employees reported a productivity improvement when they started to do their assigned duties at the comfort and privacy of their own home.

The change of environment is a big factor. Since staff members no longer find themselves working in an office (until further notice, that is), there are no abrupt meetings, constant interruptions from co-workers, and other distractions in the office anymore.

If employees have flexible working hours, they can work on their most productive hours too!

2. Learn Time Management

Whether you’re in charge of running the whole show, or simply trying to get tasks done for the day, time management is, without a doubt, very crucial. We added it to this list because working from home provides new types of challenges that require this skill.

Staff working from home might find themselves at a disadvantage without their work associates, who can conveniently remind them of their schedule, deadlines, and aid them with other duties. As such, they have no choice, but to find their own solution.

Fortunately, there are many simple yet effective quick fixes to help with managing one’s time. These include setting reminders and using daily planners, and amongst many other methods, learning to prioritize what specific tasks need to be done accordingly.

3. Work-Life Balance Management 

Some employees have the luxury of flexible time; in turn, they have to allocate their work during those hours. Habits of losing track of time and working a longer time than intended, most often slip through sometimes, however.

Workplace supervisors may also contact employees or ask them to do urgent tasks outside those working hours or during day-offs.

That’s why employees should know how to set boundaries between work and personal life. They should be aware when to cease operations once their schedule is done. Employers should also avoid contacting their staff after working hours unless an emergency occurs.

4. Finding Your Motivation

Although the idea of working from home sounds like a blessing, there will be occasions where you’ll feel burned out, or simply don’t have the energy to put in the necessary work. Hence why, you should find the work hours when you feel, not only driven and productive, but also, more reasonably satisfied with.

Whether it’s eating, exercising, meditating, or listening to music, you should do secondary activities that will assist in boosting your overall work engagement, as these can give you the edge with helping you finish more tasks.

5. Technology Familiarity 

Since many employees are working from home, technology is now essential more than ever. Companies need to use and rely on the best software, apps, and other fancy gadgets to get the job done. 

Most of the time, employees find themselves at odds when technical problems arise. Should the need arise, anyone can seek and hire a professional to help them at home. Otherwise, they may have to solve these technical problems themselves. Therefore, it’s important to also adapt to advancements in technology.

6. Communication 

Similar to time management, communication is also vital for office setup. However, with the viral trend of working from home becoming popular, in-person, face-to-face communication would be more difficult to achieve. Humans are social creatures by nature, therefore, by no surprise, people would normally seek out personal interaction—business or pleasure, regardless.

That’s why businesses should explore and use more communication apps and software where everyone can communicate and be updated with everything that they need to know. Don’t be afraid of over-communicating with your peers unless it’s after working hours.

7. Self-Care Prioritization 

Although some employees prefer working at home, you may be surprised that others would rather remain with the status quo. One of the reasons is they simply don’t have access to an optimal home working environment. Those with limited office utilities find themselves working from the sofa or bed, and as comfortable as this looks, this can lead to musculoskeletal problems, and further lower your work efficiency & productivity.

That’s why it would be important to invest in your home office. Choose comfortable seating, such as ergonomic chairs. You can also have a sit and stand desk, so you wouldn’t have to sit all day. Always remember that “health is wealth.”

8. Organization is Key

As we mentioned in our previous blog, decluttering your work office assists greatly with productivity improvement. By being organized, you get to save time, and your overall efficiency increases. Having the proper equipment and embracing orderly habits mean that you won’t spare any more time being stressed, as you scramble to look for files and other tools that you need.

If you have a lot of things that should be stored in your home office, it would be wise to use a storage cabinet. Having desk accessories and organizers will also be helpful.

The pandemic has brought many profound changes, going as far as influencing how we live and how we work. We learned a lot because of the pandemic. What we thought wasn’t possible can be done as long as we try and do our best. Working from home is an example of that. Through time and effort, people were able to adjust and make the most out of this setup.

We learned that working from home actually works because it increases the productivity of most employees, helps them maintain a work-life balance, and keeps them safe from this pandemic. However, a hybrid setup will be useful as well.

Here at Movado Interiors, we understand how important working from home is. That’s why we can help you optimize your workspace. We can help you choose the right furniture that will not only increase your productivity but your comfort as well.

Feel free to reach out at for a consultation or ask us about our suite of ergonomic office products!

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