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What if I told you that there was something you could do right now to increase your productivity, reduce your everyday stress, and possibly even land you a promotion?

A well-organized work atmosphere is beneficial in more ways than one. For starters, it has been proven that D-I-Y workplace organization reduces stress.

If you want to advance in your career, there’s evidence that clutter reduces your chances of receiving that next promotion, both by increasing your performance and by giving higher-ups a favorable view of your work habits. Here at Movado Interiors, we seek to help you organize your workplace to spike productivity.

Workplace Organization Ideas To Rekindle Your Productivity

The presence of clutter alerts your brain that there is additional work to be done. A stress reaction is triggered when your brain feels overwhelmed by all of this (real and perceived) labor. Organizing your workstation helps you feel more in control and minimizes the frequency of that stress response.

Furthermore, being organized will assist you in becoming more efficient. Searching for files in a chaotic workstation is inefficient and time-consuming. So here are some ways to organize your area:

1. Keep Your Desk Accessories Simple And Clean 

Make your workstation seamless in your office. It will make you feel a lot better if it appears to be well-organized.

With a cup for pens, a magazine holder for folders and tiny diaries, and a stacked drawer unit on the far left that blends in flawlessly with the desk and wall to keep papers and other small items out of sight, keeps clutter off the surface.

If you’re looking for a desk to work on, Movado can provide them for you. Click here to see Movado’s finest working desks.

2. Bring In A Lot Of Storage

There’s no need to be concerned because you don’t have a closet. To organize and design your home office, use open shelves.

Two huge baskets on a shelf, which house the messier work equipment, keep the stylish layout orderly. Keep books on shelves from seeming too jumbled by using durable and attractive bookends to keep them in order.

3. Fill A Small Storage Caddy With The Ingredients

Drawers can be enjoyable as having a new bike, but a splash of color on your desk isn’t always a terrible thing. Filling a storage caddy with stuff will allow you to grab them quickly. Aside from this, it can help your workspace be aesthetically beautiful.

Try Movado’s personal caddies to help you beautify your area.

4. Use A Pegboard For Decoration And Organization

Your inner crafty person is ready to come out! Pick up a pegboard and prepare to clear some workspace. If you add desk materials and decorations, you’ll get bonus points!

5. For Increased Storage And Surface Area, Use A Laptop Or Monitor Riser

A laptop or monitor riser has three advantages: 1) it improves posture, 2) it provides storage, and 3) it leaves you with more space than you know what to do with. Who wouldn’t agree that monitoring risers can improve your productivity?

Check out here for Movado’s monitor risers to save space on your desk.

6. Everything Should Be Labeled

Your label maker is your best friend when it comes to getting organized. Simple things like labeling cabinets will save you time and irritation while also reducing the number of interruptions you receive during the day.

If you paste a “PRINTER PAPER” sticker on the proper cabinet or drawer, people will stop asking you where the printer paper is five million times a day. (Ok, maybe a couple of coworkers will.)

Don’t just sit at your desk; get deep into your computer files to boost your productivity. Sort your files by project and keep track of which deliverables are “final” and which are “draft.”

7. Take Advantage Of Paper Holder

Paper sorters and old-school desktop paper holders are office workhorses. It’s a quick and easy solution to hide all of those documents strewn about your desk. On the desk of this elegant workplace from the Movado 900 series, will surely be able to hold all your papers with all of its drawers.

8.  Embrace The Beauty That Surrounds You

Bringing beautiful artifacts into your office can be a way to organize your environment, despite the fact that it may seem paradoxical.

You’ll be more inclined to maintain your home free of clutter if you surround yourself with stuff you value. This will allow you to fully appreciate your pieces without being distracted by clutter.

This Equilibrium Credenza from Movado Interiors can save space in your office at the same time, its cool tone allows fresh motivation in your area.

The Movado Interiors team is here to help you organize your workplace. We offer space planning services to redesign your new space, help you find the right types of products and furniture, and help you dispose of old ones (which you have sentimental feelings for) to make your workspace efficient for your liking. Feel free to contact us at should you have any questions.


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