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Choosing the right office chair is a crucial decision for anyone spending a significant amount of time at a desk. One of the main considerations in this choice is whether to opt for an office chair with arms or without. Each option comes with unique advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of before purchasing. In this article, we will guide you through several factors to help you make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

Office Chairs with Arms

Hermes 7 2
Hermes office chair with arms from Movado Interiors

Office chairs with arms have armrests on both sides to provide support for your arms and elbows while seated. These armrests can be fixed or adjustable in terms of height, width, and sometimes even angle. Movado Interiors offer several office chairs with arms, such as their Hermes office chair that features a fully adjustable 4-dimensional polyurethane armrests, lumbar support, an adjustable headrest for highback seating, and much more. Additionally, Movado Interiors also has an Amplify Stool that features an aerodynamic design, multi-adjustable armrests and adjustable lumbar support. 

Office chairs with arms are often chosen for their ergonomic benefits, since they encourage better posture and reduce strain on the upper body. However, there are a few drawbacks that you should be aware of before choosing them.


1.     Encourage better posture

One of the most significant advantages of office chairs with arms is the enhanced support they provide for maintaining proper posture. Armrests provide a designated place to rest your forearms, which helps reduce the strain on your shoulders, neck, and upper back when you are doing work. This support encourages you to sit upright with your spine properly aligned, which also helps prevent slouching and potential health issues.

2.     Comfortability for long work periods

For tasks that require long periods of typing, writing, or computer use, chairs with armrests offer a comfortable surface to rest your arms. This can significantly reduce muscle fatigue and discomfort, allowing you to stay focused and productive for longer durations.

Additionally, properly positioned armrests can also help improve blood circulation in your arms. By taking some weight off your shoulders and forearms, you reduce the risk of developing numbness or tingling in your hands, which is a common issue when sitting for extended periods of time.

3.     Enhanced support for individuals with disabilities

Office chairs with arms can be particularly beneficial for individuals with disabilities or mobility issues. The armrests provide extra support when getting in and out of the chair, making it easier and safer for those with limited mobility.

4.     Professional appearance

For formal office environments or home offices where aesthetics matter, office chairs with arms often have a more polished and professional appearance. They can contribute to a sophisticated workspace, which can be important for creating a positive impression on clients, colleagues, or visitors.


1.     Space requirement

One of the main drawbacks of office chairs with arms is their bulkiness. The presence of armrests can make these chairs appear larger and take up more space, meaning that it may not fit well in smaller workspaces. This can lead to constraints in arranging your office furniture and limit the available room for movement.

2.     Not suitable for all body types
While adjustable armrests aim to accommodate various body shapes and sizes, they may not be a perfect fit for everyone. For example, individuals with broader shoulders or unique ergonomic needs may find that armrests do not align comfortably with their natural arm positions.

Armless Office Chairs

Huevo Task 3
Huevo Task armless office chair from Movado Interiors

Armless office chairs have a simple and streamlined design, lacking the additional support for the arms. Movado Interiors also offer several armless office chairs, such as their Huevo Task that features an all welded steel frame skeleton and 5 Star Polished Aluminum Base on Casters, and more. 

Armless office chairs are more space-efficient, making them suitable for smaller work areas or environments where mobility is essential. However, there are also a few drawbacks to using armless office chairs.


1.     Space efficient

Armless office chairs are space-saving since they tend to be more compact and streamlined compared to office chairs with arms. This makes them an excellent choice for smaller workspaces or environments where you need to maximize the available space.

2.     Cost-effective

Armless office chairs are often more budget-friendly than office chairs with arms. If you are on a tight budget or need to furnish multiple workstations, choosing armless chairs can be healthy for your wallet, without compromising quality and comfort.

3.     Suitable for all body types

Armless chairs are typically designed with a wide range of body types in mind. Their universal design makes them comfortable for various users, regardless of their shoulder width or body proportions. This also helps promote a sense of equality and inclusivity where everyone can sit comfortably. 

4.     Ideal for certain creative work

For creative tasks that do not require extensive arm support, such as drafting, crafting, or assembly work, armless office chairs can be a comfortable and practical choice. They allow you to move freely and adapt your seating position to the task at hand.


1.     Lack of arm support

The most notable drawback of armless office chairs is the absence of armrests. Without armrests, you may not have a designated place to rest your arms during extended periods of work. This can lead to discomfort, strain, and reduced support for your upper body, potentially affecting your posture. 

2.     Lack of lower back support

Due to the lack of armrests, some individuals may adopt poor posture habits, such as hunching forward or slouching. This will lead to strain on the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Without armrests, armless chairs may also not provide adequate lower back support. You may need to rely more on proper chair height and cushioning to maintain good lower back posture.


Overall, office chairs with arms offer several benefits, and are a popular choice for those who work for long periods of time and prioritize comfort. On the other hand, armless office chairs are space efficient and cost-effective. When choosing office furniture, carefully consider your specific workspace needs, budget, and preferences to determine if armless office chairs or office chairs with arms are the right choice for you.

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